Making electric vehicles adoption easy

Manage your electric vehicles and get control over the TCO and CO2 emissions impact of your fleet electrification project

More than just
fleet management

We collect vehicles and companies data for planning which vehicle should be changed and which charging infrastructure to install. We then give you in one only interface all the EV fleet management apps you need


CO2 emissions

Reduce CO2 emissions of your car fleet adopting electric vehicles without compromising the driving habits of your drivers

Simulates the
perfect charging

Simulates the perfect charging infrastructure for you fleet, with control & visibility on the investment needed, the potential fuel savings and the return on investment

Automatic creation of a green car list
based on driver pattern

Our Wizard analyses the habits of each driver, including mileage, routes driven and stop times km, routes driven, stop times to optimise consumption

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Here, of course! If you are just starting or you already have electric vehicles in your company, Voltaage can help you manage your adoption and charging of EVs, giving you full control over costs and CO2 emissions.
Combustion engines cars & vans will be banned in Europe by 2035; electric mobility is the future! Having an electric vehicle not only means being more environmentally friendly, but also more convenient if you make the right choices for vehicle model, charging strategy and access to public funding.
The TCO is the cost of a vehicle across its lifetime, all expenses included. While electric vehicles are generally more expensive at purchase their Total Cost of Ownership is lower after the first months of activity.
Depending on how Companies use vehicles they can cut their EV fuel expenses by up to 60% and their fleet’s Level 2 emissions by up to 90%.

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