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Make your fleet future-proof

  • Company cars account for 10% of global carbon emission, which is equal to burning 1000 trees every second.

  • Firms have proven in the past years to be the right actors for a cleaner and safer future.

  • The new 2035 deadline represents the end of the ICE cars era, and far-sighted companies want to quickly guarantee CO2 and cost savings for themselves and the world.

  • Fleet analysis, driver profiling, vehicle usage, Total Cost of Ownership, and CO2 emission calculation are only some of the elements needed to achieve great results in a proven way.

Voltaage helps to craft EV packaged deals customized on your company's needs thanks to the power of data

  1. Smart procurement A virtual agent that pull away operational risks and source the best solutions in hours instead of months, based on fleet and company data.
  2. Single-point of contact we avoid fleet managers and procurement departments to deal with multiple vendors and chaotic price negotiations.
  3. Green fleet management a service to run daily fleet operations & keep track of carbon emissions reduction goals over time.


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