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Fleet managers can save over $1000 per vehicle per year.

An Electric fleet
at your fingertips

Adopt, scale, and manage your fleet daily. Our all-in-one web platform allows you to optimize and automate your data, maximizing everything from charging infrastructure to daily maintenance. You’ll be saving money and the planet all at once. Why wait? Discover your impact below.

save money
save the planet

save on

Cutting edge science predicts EVs cost nearly 50% less to maintain than combustion engines. The best part? The savings are growing each year.

Max your
tax incentives

Each year, fleet managers leave potential thousands of dollars unclaimed in tax incentives. With Voltaage, you’ll never worry about leaving your benefits behind.

Optimise driver

Visualize each driver’s routes, stops, and more to minimize consumption and optimize costs. It’s all automatic.

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Congratulations on driving progress. If you’re ready to save on costs and save thousands of kgs of CO2, your future is waiting. It’s starts with your free Voltaage demo here. emissions.

How much you save will largely depend on location, insurance, and a few other factors. To provide the best estimate possible, we’ll have to get to know you a little better! Click here now to get in touch.

Eligibility for tax incentives will depend on the Country, State, and/or Province you reside in. Luckily, we’re experts in making sure you leave no money behind! To get the most accurate estimate possible, we recommend contacting us directly here.

The best science estimates each vehicle will save thousands of tons of CO2 per vehicle.

We love progress drivers like you. Our software considers your current fleet status, whether you already have EVs or not. If you’ve already started on your electric journey, we’ve still got plenty of tools waiting to help you save money and the planet.

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