Turin: The City Where Voltaage becomes reality

06th April, 2023

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The name Voltaage, a fusion of the pioneering scientist Alessandro Volta and the concept of a new “age,” represents a groundbreaking shift in the world of transportation. In this article we want to bring you into our company’s mission, the significance of Voltaage’s name, and the role Turin played in our development.

When Voltaage was only an idea

All started with Francesco and Edoardo sat together in a small café and shared their passion for sustainable energy and how they could make a difference in the world.

Each of them brought their own unique perspective to the table. As they talked, they realized that they had a common vision: simplifying the adoption of electric vehicles and, in turn, making the world a better place.

Their conversation continued, growing more and more animated as the ideas flowed and at the end, they recognized a need for fleet managers and SMEs to easily adopt a fully electric fleet. They knew that by making it simpler for these organizations to effectively and efficiently scale their strategies, they could accelerate the transition to electric fleets.

Therefore, united by their passion and expertise, our two founders joined forces to create a company with the name of Voltaage.

Why the name Voltaage?

The name Voltaage, a fusion of the pioneering scientist Alessandro Volta and the concept of a new “age,” represents a groundbreaking shift in the world of transportation: the birth of the Electric Era.

Alessandro Volta was Italian physicist famous for his most notable invention: voltaic pile, the world’s first true battery. This revolutionary device transformed our understanding of electricity and laid the groundwork for countless technological advancements that have since shaped the course of history.

The word “age” in the name Voltaage signifies the beginning of a new chapter in transportation: The electric era. This period is marked by rapid innovation in electric vehicle technology, growing adoption of zero-emission transportation solutions, and a heightened awareness of the need for sustainable practices.

The Electric Era represents not only a technological shift but also a cultural and societal change, as individuals and businesses alike embrace the potential of electric mobility to improve the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

By combining the legacy of Alessandro Volta with the concept of a new age, the name Voltaage captures the essence of our mission: drive the electric mobility transition by developing software that makes it easier for people to adopt sustainable transportation solutions.

Turin, where Voltaage becomes reality

Turin, known as the cradle of the Italian automotive industry, was chosen as Voltaage’s headquarters not only because of its access to key resources but also because it represented the start of our long journey towards electric mobility.

Turin provided us with the foundations to develop our software through the Techstars – Turin Cities of the Future accelerator program, whereby we managed to position ourselves as a pioneering company in sustainable mobility in all Europe. The accelerator represents an incredibly intense experience, filled with workshops that featured diverse perspectives from every corner of the globe. The energy in the air was palpable, and everyone was eager to learn and grow together.

Thanks to industry experts, mentors, and coaches provided valuable insights and advice, we were closely guided on all aspects of our projects and be ready to present our software to new customers.

Our main purpose

Each step taken represents an important point in our ultimate goal: to help create a more sustainable world.

The name Voltaage represents the fusion of past and future, a tribute to the pioneers who laid the groundwork for our industry and a nod to the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

As we continue to develop innovative solutions and contribute to the growth of electric mobility, our name serves as a reminder of our roots, our mission, and our commitment to a brighter, cleaner future for all.

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