Navigating The Gas Cutback: Fleet Managers’ Golden Opportunity

21st November 2023
Gas Cutback

Have you heard the latest Gas cutback? Americans are seriously cutting back on their gas spending, and it’s not just good news for the environment, it’s fantastic for the fleet management world too! With fuel prices riding a rollercoaster, this trend is really a breath of fresh air. Just look at the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s track

fuel prices

I’m super excited about what this means for us in the fleet management space, so I thought I’d share some deeper insights with you.

Less Gas Spending = Opportunity Knocking

The U.S. The Energy Information Administration says people are buying less gas because new cars are getting way better on fuel efficiency. Plus the Federal Reserve is doing some inflation-fighting, and it’s changing how folks spend their money. 

That means there are two forces at work here, (1) cars are getting more energy efficient and (2) government trends are on our side. That leaves one question, how can fleet managers take advantage of this market opportunity?

Your Management Secret: The Next Big Thing in Fleets

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have bought Apple stock back when Wozniak was working in his garage? Back then, only a lucky few foresaw the next big thing in computing. Today, we have the data to get on top of the next big thing in fleet management– EVs (electric vehicles). 

This is your chance to jump on the EV bandwagon! Did you know that EVs can save us a truckload of cash over time? We’re talking about over $14,000 in fuel costs over 15 years compared to gas guzzlers, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Even better news? The number of public and private electric vehicle chargers are growing immensely year after year. You and I can only expect our savings to grow.

The Next Big Thing in Fleets

Data is King

Now, more than ever, we need to be smart with our decisions. Spending less on gas gives us the chance to flex just how effective we can be as managers. Extra budget means tech upgrades, keeping our fleets in top shape, and more. That’s where Voltaage comes in. The analytics tools are like a personal GPS, giving us the lowdown on where to make the smartest moves.

Join the EV Revolution

We’ve all heard the only constant in our world is change, right? Keeping up with trends and prepping for what’s next is key. That’s where a partner like Voltaage comes in, helping us stay agile and ready for whatever comes our way.

So, there you have it! This dip in gas spending is our golden ticket to revamp our fleets, save money, and be heroes for the planet. If you’re as pumped as I am to get into this EV adventure, Voltaage is the way to go

The EV Revolution

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Francesco Semeraro

Francesco Semeraro

CEO & Co-Founder @ Voltaage (Techstars ‘22) | Ex-Accenture, expert in Fleet electrification and EV fleet management.