The Costly Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Electrification Strategy for Your Fleet

18th April, 2023

In recent years, more and more companies are looking to electrify their fleets of company vehicles, both for environmental and economic reasons. However, if not planned properly, a poorly executed vehicle electrification plan can lead to serious damage to the company.

Increase company's operating costs

Firstly, poor planning can lead to an increase in the company’s operating costs. The initial purchase of electric vehicles often involves higher costs compared to traditional vehicles, but can be justified by long-term savings on fuel and maintenance costs.

However, if proper planning is not carried out, the company may end up purchasing vehicles that are not suitable for their transport needs, which require expensive charging infrastructure, or which require expensive maintenance and repairs.

Furthermore, if the company does not have enough electric vehicles to cover its transport needs, it may have to continue using traditional vehicles, increasing the overall operating costs of the company.

Increase in maintenance costs for charging infrastructure

Secondly, poor planning can lead to an increase in maintenance costs for charging infrastructure. If the company does not have a proper charging infrastructure, electric vehicles may not be able to recharge adequately, slowing down the entire fleet and preventing it from carrying out its activities efficiently. 

Additionally, if the charging infrastructure is not properly maintained, it may be necessary to carry out expensive repairs or replace the charging infrastructure completely, further increasing the company’s costs.

Loss of productivity and customers

Thirdly, poor planning can lead to a loss of productivity and customers. If electric vehicles are not suitable for the company’s transport needs, it may be necessary to rent additional vehicles to carry out daily activities. 

This can lead to delays and loss of productivity, and may also cause dissatisfaction among customers who require services quickly and efficiently.

Poor planning can lead to a poor reputation for the company. If the company cannot maintain its electric fleet efficiently, it may be seen as a company that does not care about the environment or sustainability. This could lead to loss of customers and business opportunities, as more and more companies and consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the companies they deal with.

At Voltage, we understand the importance of proper planning when it comes to electrifying your fleet. 

Our team of experts can help you navigate the process and develop a plan that meets your individual needs, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of an electric fleet without any of the pitfalls of poor planning.