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Big Data Simplified

Automatically gather vehicle and location data into one platform. We’ll generate graphs and tips to help you on the way.

Check EV Compatibility

Are your vehicles suitable to be replaced by EVs? We’ll help you check based on usage and model data.

simulate your ideal charging infrastructure

Optimize charging infrastructure and driver routes. Our AI makes it easy.

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Of course! Our software takes into account the status of your current fleet, whether you have already started the adoption or if you have to start from scratch.
Voltaage provides an accurate data not only on cutting cost but also on CO2 reduction that can be directly integrated into the reporting required by institutional entities.

With a good car list planning: Voltaage shows you the most impactful cost voices year by year such as fuel and rent maintenance specific to each car model.

Voltaage shows drivers the benefits of the electric car in fiscal, environmental and quality of life terms.
Absolutley! It helps you calculate and monitor your costs also in the future thanks to our predictive model of price fluctuations

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