22nd February 2023
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“The feasibility study created by Voltaage opened an important awareness: things if you want to change, you can really change them, ” confesses Nicola D’Onorio, best fleet manager of the year 2022 thanks to Voltaage’s collaboration

Our client: Who is he?

Nicola D’Onofrio is a fleet manager with a four-year of experience in the automotive sector and has held various roles within the logistics and transport sector before becoming director of the company fleet of Como Acqua, the main company for the supply of water in Como. Sustainability has always been an important topic in his daily life and work, aware that “today electrification is a must because the world is moving in that direction and for car manufacturers, it is a very important step” for our future

What he needed

Nicola was looking for a detailed analysis able to evaluate the characteristics, costs, and results of the replacement of 150 motor vehicles of the company fleet with electric vehicles because their current fleet produced huge quantities of CO2 polluting the environment.

How we helped

We gathered all the information we needed to start creating a tailormade insight, such as:

  • Site location and usage data:
    Identify the number of parking spaces,
    operational vehicles, employees, and visitors
  • The exact number of columns to be installed
    for 10 company parking lots and expected
    energy demand
  • Identify replaceable cars:
    a detailed action plan to optimize the
    impact of CO2 reduction and costs
  • Analysis of replacements
    made by virtue of the mileage of each electric vehicle
  • The expected quantity of vehicle cars in order to save money and CO2

Our impact

The feasibility study gave a clearer idea of the first steps to be taken to begin the transition to electric in just 5 years, starting with:


wall-boxes installed


plug-in vehicles


replacements with full EVs