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Learn how we work as a team, as a family, and how we help companies transform their fleets.


Our mission

Our vision is to redefine traditional transportation and lead the transition to electric vehicles.


We are Francesco,Edoardo and Domenico, the founder of Voltaage.

Francesco and Edoardo were Senior Consultants in Automotive Innovation at Accenture France. 2 Italians abroad, motivated and passionate about innovation, clicked immediately and launched together a couple of entrepreneurial projects during Covid-19. From those experiences, they looked backward at automotive innovation and understood that building something in a sector where you have relevant contacts, knowledge, and expertise, “could be our opportunity to create value for others out of something that did not exist before. This is when human magic happens” - said Francesco, CEO of Voltaage. This is how they quit their high-paying consulting jobs and decided Voltaage was their next mission.

The stories of the two co-founders interlaced with the co-founder Domenico, Senior IT Consultant of Reply and founder of another startup, when they moved to Turin, Italy, to join the “Techstars Accelerator Cities of the Future Program”.

"Our team worked tirelessly to identify and address the problems holding companies back from making the transition to zero-carbon driving."

Voltaage believes that the eco-choice should be the easy choice. It sounds like a small thing, but it is not.

Voltaage solution can support B2B clients every step of the way, transforming the transition toward sustainable mobility from an infinite list of complex tasks to a seamless, sustainable and convenient journey. Our solution is the all-in-one software in the market that supports fleet managers from the feasibility analysis of their fleet

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